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As the ISO14001:2015 standard used the terms documented information, the clarification was address in the clause 3.3.2 and annex of the standard and extracts of the clarification as followed:


Clause 3.3.2 documented information

information required to be controlled and maintained by an organization (3.1.4) and the medium on which it is contained

Note 1 to entry: Documented information can be in any format and media, and from any source.

Note 2 to entry: Documented information can refer to:

— the environmental management system (3.1.2), including related processes (3.3.5);

— information created in order for the organization to operate (can be referred to as documentation);

— evidence of results achieved (can be referred to as records)

 A3 extracted

This International Standard uses some new terminology. A brief explanation is given below to aid both new users and those who have used previous editions of this International Standard.

— The phrase “compliance obligations” replaces the phrase “legal requirements and other requirements to which the organization subscribes” used in the previous edition of this International Standard.

The intent of this new phrase does not differ from that of the previous edition.

— “Documented information” replaces the nouns “documentation”, “documents” and “records” used in previous editions of this International Standard. To distinguish the intent of the generic term “documented information”, this International Standard now uses the phrase “retain documented information as evidence of....” to mean records, and “maintain documented information” to mean documentation other than records. The phrase “as evidence of….” is not a requirement to meet legal evidentiary requirements; its intent is only to indicate objective evidence needs to be retained.

End section A3

To provide the guide for organization, we develop the matrix that use the word “Recommend”, and “Mandatory”. Recommend mean that the documented information is not compulsory but highly recommended to organization as the best practice and to address the requirements. While the word mandatory is list in remark to indicate that ISO9001;2015, required the documented information to be maintain or retain.

Clause #
Maintained (Documents)
Retained (Record)
4 Context of the organization (title only)      
4.1 Understanding the organization and its context Recommend to have list of issues-link with risk & opportunities Management Review - Including result of monitoring  
4.2 Understanding the needs and expectations of interested parties Recommend to have legal register Management Review - Including result of monitoring  
4.3 Determining the scope of the environmental management system Recommend to maintained in Manual   Mandatory to maintain
4.4 Environmental management system      
5 Leadership (title only)      
5.1 Leadership and commitment      
5.2 Environmental policy Environmental policy   Mandatory to maintain
5.3 Organizational roles, responsibilities and authorities Recommend to maintain organization chart and job decription    
6 Planning (title only)      
6.1 Actions to address risks and opportunities (title only) Recommend to have list of issues-link with risk & opportunities    
6.1.1 General Recommend to have list of issues-link with risk & opportunities   Mandatory to maintain
6.1.2 Environmental aspects Recommend to maintain environmental aspect procedure and aspect impact list   Mandatory to maintain
6.1.3 Compliance obligations Recommend to maintain compliance obligation procedure and compliance register   Mandatory to maintain
6.1.4 Planning actions      
6.2 Environmental objectives and planning to achieve them (title only)      
6.2.1 Environmental objectives Enviromental objectives   Mandatory to maintain
6.2.2 Planning actions to achieve environmental objectives   Recommend to develop Environmental Program  
6.2.3 Planning actions      
7 Support (title only)      
7.1 Resources      
7.2 Competence   Retained comptency record Mandatory to retain
7.3 Awareness      
7.4 Communication (title only) Recommend to maintain communication matrix Communication record Mandatory to retain
  Internal communication      
  External communication      
7.5 Documented information (title only)      
7.5.1  General      
7.5.2  Creating and updating Recommend to maintain control of documented information procedure    
7.5.3  Control of documented information Recommend to maintain control of record procedure    
8 Operation (title only)      
8.1 Operational planning and control Recommend to maintain quality plan/ EHS operational control   Mandatory to maintain
8.2 Emergency preparedness and response Emergency Preparedness Response Plan and review   Mandatory to maintain
9 Performance Evaluation      
9.1 Monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation (title only)      
9.1.1  General   Monitoring, measurement, analysis, evaluation record Mandatory to retain
9.1.2  Evaluation of compliance   Evaluation compliance record Mandatory to retain
9.2 Internal audit (title only)   Audit program and result Mandatory to retain
9.3 Management review   Management review record Mandatory to retain
10 Improvement      
10.1 General      
10.2 Nonconformity and corrective action Recommend to maintain corrective action procedure NC and corrective action record Mandatory to retain
10.3 Continual improvement   Management review record  



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